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Another very good year for The Chase!

Mark, Conway and Jamie won the County Triples and with Adam were very close runners-up (1 Shot) in the County Fours and represented Essex at Leamington in the national Finals in the Triples and Fours

Jamie won the prestigious LSC Lonsdale Cup, and also Skipped a Rink for Essex wining the national Balcombe Trophy again!

Well done to Mark for wining the RBA Singles which KC has a great record in

Rob, Dave England, Steve and Keith Darbyshire were Finalists in the RBA Fours

BDA Fours winners Terry, Barry, Peter and Dave Cocklin 

Congratulations to Vince for winning the Group 4 Unbadged Singles and Keith Woodhall, Dave Wood, Vince and Steve for winning the Group 4 Unbadged Fours

Congratulations to our Leaugue Selectors Jordan and Dudley and those involved in winning the BDA League, RBA Triples League and Finalists in the Cribbs League


County Badges were awarded to Lyn and Alison and Maureen will receive her Badge next year, well done ladies

Lisa, Wendy and Maureen were finalists in the Hartswood Triples



KC Men had a good year with Jamie winning the Prestigious LSC Gold Badge a great achievement

They wouldn't allow Jamie to bring the Trophy Home!

Jamie also Skipped a Rink as Essex won the National Balcomb Trophy

Mark also had a fantastic run in the LSC Lonsdale where he reached the semi-final no mean achievement!

Well done to Adam and Dave Blowes who were both selected for the Middleton Cup Team with Conway making  reserve

Congratulations to Ken Eady who was presented with his long awaited County Badge by President Dave King 

Ken also reached the semi-final of the County Unbadged Singles

Jamie, Mark, Brian and Conway won the South Essex Fours and Hood Cup for the second year running let's hope we can make it a hat trick in 2023!

Terry, Dave Cocklin, Peter and Barry won the BDA Fours

Rob, Keith Woodhall, Keith Darbyshire and Dave England were Runners-up in the RBA Fours

Tyler and Dave England won the Group 4 Unbadged 2 Woods Pairs

The Club Won the Cribbs Final for the second time, we finished second in both the Brentwood League and the RBA Triples


More Success for KC Ladies

Congratualtions to Lin Payne and Jane Preston who received their County Badge

Jane also won the County Champion of Champions and Alison England had an amazing run in the County 2 Woods finshing Runner-up and represented Essex at Leamington, Alison will receive her County Badge in 2023

Alison & Jane

Our Ladies also won the Hartswood Pairs and Triples

Shirley Lin & Karen


Another good year for The Chase

The Men reached the semi-final of the LSC Shield unfortunately losing heavily on a very heavy Green! Jamie, Mark, Brian and Con won the South Essex Fours and the Hood Cup

Congratulations to Jamie for winning the Group 4 Champion of Champions

Terry, Adam and Barry won the RBA Triples and also won the Fours with Jordan added to the Triples

Gerry, Keith, Dave (E) and Rob were finalists in the BDA Fours where Brian subbed for Rob

Group 4 won the Inter-group Knockout again and congratulations to all those involved


Congratulations to Lin Payne winning the County Unbadged Singles a fantastic achievement and Lyn will receive her County Badge in the coming season - brilliant!

Lin with unbadged singles cup


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2021 Club Comps - well done to all finalists


2020 Club Finals


 2019 - Another successful year for Kings Chase

This turned out to be the season of 'so close' with some big games being lost by 1 shot


KC reached the final of the Shield competition and played Bromley at Bounds Green in the morning. Having been well down early on the boys fought back to take the lead only to lose the match by 1 shot due to a very fortunate Bromley wick when we had one hand on the Trophy

In the afternoon Barry, Rob and Jamie played the Triples final and found themselves 15-2 down at 12 ends, however, the boys came back and were 16-13 down going into the last end where they picked up a 4 to snatch victory and it felt like some justice after the morning's loss.


On a sunny morning at Braintree Adam played the final of the Benevolent Trophy, it was a close affair which Adam could have won holding game on 2 or 3 occasions only for his opponent to save the ends and run out the winner with Adam losing by that 1 shot

In the afternoon KC played a strong Essex County side in the Double Fours and after a very close match the boys lost by....... yep 1 shot

In the Fours Chris Martin's rink won through to the quarter finals at Witham, along with Seaton, Peter and Rob they forced an extra end which they lost by 1 shot.....Again!

In the Triples Conway, Brian and Jamie reached the quarter final at Braintree losing a match that they were very unlucky to lose, this time by 2 shots.

Mark joined the Triples in the South Essex Fours where we lost in the Semi-final - don't ask!


Seaton become the Singles Champion again, comfortably beating John Lewis from Elm Park

In the Pairs Conway subbed for an injured Terry Brown and with Seaton they ran out winners by 8 shots against Ray Bell and Roy Parsons from Rainham

Conway subbed again in the Triples and along with Dave England and Adam they beat a Triple from Rainham

Howard was unlucky in the Silver Jubilee singles final losing to Tony Allen from Upminster by......1 Shot, you couldn't make it up!

Seaton was awarded the Charter Cup and KC were awarded the Twine Cup which are awarded for the most appearances in the RBA Finals for points gained.


Howard won the Singles and continued the long line of KC champions in this competition

Chris and Seaton won the Affinity Pairs

Club Comps

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2018 - What a great season for Kings Chase Men

2018 has proved to be the best season ever for King Chase, having our first major county competition winners since the 1970's. We also had semi-finalists in the County Triples


 County Fours Champions 2018

Mark Hodges, Brian Payne, Jamie Holmes, Conway Fleming


Conway, Jamie and Brian finished 3rd in the County Triples and represented Essex in both the Fours and Triples at Leamington


National Top Club

We also had a fantastic run in the National Top Club and after beating Sandy BC from Bedfordshire on a neutral Green in the regional finals at Bishops Stortford the Chase were on their way to the quarter finals of all England at Leamington, an amazing achievement for a small club. We only lost the quarter final by one discipline too 3-2, so close to a semi-final place!

 National Top Club Squad

Back row: Brian Payne, Colin D'Arcy, Dudley Payne, Mark Hodges, Rob Fleming, Adam Smith, Howard Styles

Front row: Jamie Holmes, Jordan Fleming, Conway Fleming, Barry Sutton, Lionel Lee

Not pictured: Seaton Corby

Ladies County Unbadged Pairs

Two of our Ladies had a great season too, Maureen Payne and Joan Gay reached the Final of the County Unbadged Pairs at Essex County where they were runners-up to a pair from Billericay B C


 Leagues & Local Competitions

We won the Cribbs League at the first attempt, we also won the Brentwood League Division one.


Added to all that we had finalists in the RBA Pairs, Peter Horne and Jock McCabe, finalists in the RBA Fours, Peter Horne, Chris Martin, Barry Sutton and Seaton Corby, and Howard Styles reached the final of the RBA Silver Jubilee Trophy.


In the Brentwood League Competitions, Adam Smith won the Singles, Mark Hodges and Adam Smith won the Pairs, Terry Brown, Barry Sutton and Adam Smith won the Triples, Howard Styles and Rob Fleming were finalists in the Affinity Pairs, Terry Brown, Chris Martin and Barry Sutton were finalists in the Bennetts Triples